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St.Paul's School

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About School

St. Paul's School came into existence in the year 2018 in the heart of Chatrapur. As per the present CBSE uniform system of Assessment. We have adopted the revised assessment structure to assess the student's academic performance on a regular basis. A process to provide a holistic approach to record both the scholastic and co-scholastic, domain of development of a student has readily been employed by the institution.

This system aims at making evaluation an integral part of the teaching-learning process. It focuses on the all-round development of the personality of the learners. It will result in better understanding, due to timely diagnosis of learning gaps and remedial intervention which would be impossible in a one-shot examination at the end of the session. Our intention is to shift the focus into NEED FOR LEARNING TO LOVE FOR LEARNING.

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Chairman's Message

I am happy to present to you the new school website. Our school not only teaches but It Provides the best curriculum for the CBSE examination and also social values and behaviours. ...The school stands to believe that the child has to work towards gaining knowledge in the field that he wants as well as be physically fit. We encourage students to take part in various literature and sporting events for holistic learning. Children not only learn from text books but also from projects. The school has a Sports Day and an Annual Function running alternatively. It is mandatory for the children to take part in these events in some from or the other. We emphasize providing a holistic approach in teaching for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development of the child. The beautiful school is well equipped with teaching games, puzzles, learning material and attractive classrooms to help students learn through engaging, hands-on activities.